Friday, 7 September 2012

Olive Oil For Homemade Beauty

I have to be honest, I'm not usually one to give beauty advice, but I do love trying out everyone elses. Especially if it's something homemade and natural.

One of my fave blogs is A Thrifty Mrs. She's so entertaining, informative and fun. She posts quite a bit about homemade...everything. One post that intrigued me was about the use of olive oil as a eye make-up remover. I had to try it. No, really - I had no eye make-up remover and some super stubborn mascara to get rid of.
She suggested the use of 1 part pre-boiled water to 2 parts olive oil and add a few drops of rose water. Shake well and use a cotton ball/pad to remove the eye make-up.

However, it was such a loooong walk from the computer to the kitchen [at least 4, maybe even 5 metres] that I somehow contorted all those "complicated" instructions and ended up with something like this:

1 part olive oil
2 parts pre-boiled water
Mixed both into a repurposed maple syrup bottle (every good Canadian household should have a couple lying around:)
Shake it before every use.
Be amazed!

I admit I was skeptical. I thought it would leave my eyes greasy and gross. Au contraire, mes amis. First of all, the make-up seemed to just slide right off, no serious rubbing necessary. A couple swipes and it was gone. I followed that by washing my face with my usual Noxema cream, avoiding my eyes, and by the time I had dried my face, any residual oil had absorbed into the skin around my eyes leaving it super soft, but not greasy. Amazing! Thank you, Thrifty!

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