Monday, 2 September 2013

Aaand...I'm back. Again.

Looks like it's my annual fall review, where I reconnect with my blog. As the new school year starts, it always feels like a new beginning. Nevermind January 1st, give me the first week of September and I'll show you a plethora of resolutions. Well, let's give it a go again, shall we?

Here's what's happened since last we met...

Last December was a pile of endings including, but not limited to, Mr. Puss passing away right before Christmas and being given notice that I had to vacate my bakery. Add a little Christmas cheer to that stress level and maybe you can imagine the miasma.

Just accept change as a part of life. It's inevitable—don't fight it. Give it a chance. #life #quote #success

In the new year I had to take a long, hard, look at my business and decide what to do. With the help and focus of my ever-supportive Man, I decided to go retail. Gah! If I thought December was bad, it was nothing compared to January and February. The permits, the construction, the politics, oh my! It was a step I didn't think I was ready for, but there you have it: when a door closes, a window opens. Luckily there was a ladder provided by my family and I didn't have to jump out and land in a splat.

#quote #success #life

In March we went to Europe, because we had planned [read: paid for] this trip back in November and we weren't going to deny the kids the chance to see their grandparents because of a little thing like opening a store. While I was away for 3 weeks, preparation went on without me. When I got back, everything was [almost] how I wanted it. Again, thanks to the incredibly hard work of my family.

I officially opened the new door on April 19th, 2013 and after a couple weeks I was even able to keep food down. The first weekend of May brought the Girl's First Holy Communion. A party for 40 that was planned in less than 3 weeks. Way to go me. But it got done, and She was so happy for it.

With May being the "official" start of wedding season, it was just a blur. I don't even know how I got to September. Where did the time go? Thank goodness we had the Man's cousin come visit us for a month in July/August. She was able to watch the kids for me while I was working. With her help and the help of my friend's teenage daughters, my kids only had to spend 1 day with me while I was working which was a step up from every day last summer.

Soooooo much has happened, but I finally feel that I can breathe again. There's only about 6 weeks left of multiple weddings/weekend, I have hired a competent employee with whom I get along and understands the culture that I want to create. Because of the added help this summer, my Man and I have been able to connect to each other more often instead of being passing ships in the night.

I'm still working 10-12 hours a day, but I've limited my Sundays and Mondays to only what's necessary so that I can spend meaningful time with my family (Sunday) and now that school has started, I can spend some meaningful time for me (Mondays).

Bring it on, Autumn. Let's do this. Again.

The First Step is Always the Hardest.
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