Monday, 24 September 2012

Daddy-Leaving Blues

Sunday morning, at the crack of ridiculous, the alarm went off to wake The Man and I. I had to have him at the airport by 8:30 (or so I thought) for him to catch his flight to Orlando where he's attending some conference or other.

Turns out, when The Man told me the night before: "Oh, I think we should leave the house around 8am", what he really meant was "If we don't leave the house by 7:45am I'm going to start getting really twitchy and nervous and start snapping."

So, after a 7 second shower, I race downstairs to discover that he was kind enough to make me a breakfast sandwich [2 pieces of untoasted bread with a leftover breaded chicken strip - I honestly don't even know where he comes up with these things] but he's pacing uncontrollably. Piling everyone into my car he informs me that we don't have time to move his car back into the driveway, I'll just have to do that when I get home. Okay. At the top of the street, we realize that he didn't have his sunglasses. No time, no time to turn back the 200m. Fine. Time? 7:58am.  [Behind schedule! Behind schedule!!]

Normally, on a day with regular traffic, it can take about 30-45 minutes to get to the airport. Shocker: on Sunday morning, not so much. He got out of the car at 8:16. *8:16*. :/

Then came the tears. Not from him, or me, but from The Girl. "Oh, Tata!! Don't leave me!!" and so on, and so forth. I peeled her away and strapped her into the car, but I couldn't manage more than a peck on the lips for him. I was a little too stressed. And I feel kind of guilty for that. Mainly because I know that he's a nervous traveller. I should have been prepared for him to act the way he did. I'm sure I'll make it up to him when he gets back, because I already miss him.

However, less sappy: having to comfort the kids who think that 4 days away from Tata, is akin to an eternity. What's a mom to do? This:

Yep. I took them to a McDonald's with a play area and got them a juice. :)

Slides cure all heartaches for kids.

Come home soon, Tata. We miss you.

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  1. My husband goes away every so often for business too and, I must say, my kids have become pretty accustomed to it. However, for the first time in a loooong time, I went away this weekend. Away with university friends for a weekend. When I called home my husband told me that my daughter missed me (which is a great thing to hear) and then I could hear my 6 year old son yelling in the background "I don't miss you mom, I'm having a great time". They also went to McDonalds with their dad.


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