Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back To School! Yippee!

Yesterday was the first day of school and the most exciting day of summer (for me)!
If you've been following my instagram, you may have noticed that the girl and I have been trying to find a pretty back-to-school hairdo. In our interweb travels we discovered the aptly named Each hairstyle has a video attached with easy instructions. After watching and then doing, I felt like a pro. Here are a few of our experiments:

Waterfall Twists:

Cage Braid:

Winner: Bundle of Braids

To be honest, I preferred the cage braid, but after a few hours it was crazy. In our trials we did the bundle of braids with a french braid head band to control her fringe, but she didn't want that on the first day of school because she wanted to cover up a huge mosquito bite on her forehead. :(

My two bugs on their first day of school:

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