Friday, 11 November 2011

More time = less fun?

So, I'm still in Boston, and I can't wait to tell you all about it! Now is not the time though. :)

Many of my friends and acquaintances get a little freaked out when I tell them that I'm travelling. Not really about where I'm going, but rather how long I'm gone, and on such little notice.

Boston for the day? I'm game. (Yay!)
Paris for the weekend? Sure, why not. (France, not Ontario!)
Nova Scotia for a couple days? Sounds good. (It's a 17 hour drive.)
Orlando in 48 hours? Hogwarts, here I come!
30 hours in Prague? Let's go! (To be fair, I was only 8 hours away.)
NYC for a night or 2? I don't see any reason not to...

Yep, all places and timeframes I've done. Some of my friends have crowned me the queen of the mini holiday. I've got to say, I don't mind my reign. Granted, this is not something I tend to do with the little ones in tow. This is something I do for me and usually with a friend or two. Which means it happens once or twice every year or so.

New York!
In my early twenties (it can't have been THAT long ago!) I left Canada for Europe. I worked. In one place even, but every weekend was a trip to a new city, a new country. I was bitten by that travel bug, and haven't completely worked it out of my system. I hope I never do.

True, my mini-trips are usually whirlwinds of activity, but I wouldn't trade them for weeks on end in the same spot. I pack as much as I can into my 40-odd hours while I'm in a place. Rarely any down-time. However, I consider sitting in a cafe for 3 hours a "jam-packed" activity, just as much as walking 16 arrondissements in a day. Climbing a green mountain is the same as drinking a bottle of cheap pink "champagne" on the Charles bridge, in my books. It's all good. I like the sounds, sites and tastes of a new place. When I'm out of my comfort zone, I'm bolder and more inclined to be friendly. (!) I *gasp* talk to people. Crazy, I know.
In a cable car in Zakopane, Poland!
I know I miss a lot of the "important" stuff to see and do when I go places. I don't mind. I usually like what I do see and do. Just because I wander, doesn't mean I'm lost.

How far would you go for just a weekend? Would you even consider leaving your country/province/state/city for less than a few days? Would you cross the ocean for a weekend?

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  1. I'd head out somewhere that is a few hours away for a weekend, whether it's driving or flying.


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