Friday, 12 October 2012

Easy and cheap 3-minute Halloween wreath!

When making crafts, I usually only have 2 criteria: easy and cheap. I don't mind working at it for hours or days at a time, but luckily this one took me all of 3 minutes to make.

The inspiration came from pinterest [as usual]:

Pinterest Link
It's been sitting on Christmas board forever, but I hadn't gotten around to it yet. I thought about it again as I was walking through Michael's for some inspiration/instant gratification on Halloween decor. I saw some cute wreaths, but they were well over my budget of as-cheap-as-possible. They did bring to mind the aforementioned pin though. Handily enough, there was a dollar store right next door! I figured I'd pick up a wreath form, a couple boas and some little accents and I would be all set. Here's how it all went down:

Step 1: Gather supplies
I bought a 1m feather boa ($2) and a sparkly hanging sign ($2). 
[They didn't have any wreath forms, so I used a wire hanger from home.]

Step 2: Bend the hanger
I just stretched out the hanger until it was a rough square shape. 

Step 3: Start wrapping the boa around the hanger.
No need to secure it in any way, just wrap and wrap. To make my wreath I only needed 1 boa to go around a standard hanger.

 Step 4: All wrapped up.
I left the hook part up at this point.

Step 5: Add your decoration.
Since I chose a hanging sign to begin with, I slipped it over the top. The wire of the sign hangs over the wire of the hanger.

 Step 6: Hang it up and bask in your awesomeness. 
When I hung it on my door, I realized I didn't like the hook of the hanger, so I bent it back and wrapped it around the rest of the hanger. This also served to keep the boa in place. If you're having issues, use some thread to hang and secure. 

That's it. The kids loved it. What do you think? 

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