Friday, 24 August 2012

I'm baaaa-aaack...

Oh, dear blog, where have you been all my life? More to the point: why have I neglected you?

To be blunt I offer this: I have been ridiculously busy. Starting December of last year, I completely redesigned my business website (,  began actively planning to grow my company, attended networking events, signed a lease for a new cake studio location, renovated the space and moved in. Then came wedding seaoson which shows no signs of slowing down. And that's just work! Between the Boy's Nutcracker rehearsals and regular 2x/week ballet classes an hour away, my co-Chair on School Council went back to work full time leaving me with a bulk of work that was just too much at times (not complaining! It is what it is!), plus the standard rounds of family functions, funerals and sliding in a week in Orlando (yeah!), that brings me to my next point:

Not enough time to sit and compose a post at the computer.

However, now that I have the blogger app, this should be much easier. Hopefully! This is my first mobile post and time will tell if it's the last.

Here's a test pic:

Our new cat, Mr. Puss and my latest cake. Not related. :-)

What about you? What'cha been doing? Have you tried the new blogger app?

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