Saturday, 29 October 2011

October Cake Review

It's not a secret. I am the owner of Dolcezza Custom Cakes. I'm also the head designer and chief dishwasher. Definitely keeps me on my toes. I love working with creative people and being a part of their celebration.

I can't show all of them, but here are some of my favourite cakes from October....

I'm partial to the LadyBird. :) Which one do you like best? What's your favourite cake flavour? Do you prefer buttercream or fondant? 


  1. These are all awesome!! It's hard to choose a favorite but I really like the "Birthday Blessings Marie" cake. As far as flavor... I like anything chocolate. And I prefer buttercream over fondant.

    I'm a new follower here via the blog hop.

  2. Thanks, {K}! Birthday Blessings was definitely more of a "traditional with a twist" cake. I almost forgot how much I like to work with buttercream and piping until I did this one. The customer was super happy and that's what's really important!


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